Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Back to the home, women!

It seems that more men and women believe women should spend more time at home, looking after children, than was the case in the 1990s.
Guardian article examines in detail the reasons for this and the implications.

The best article I have seen so far was in the Daily Telegraph . I quote the final paragraphs:

There are two answers to the problem. One has two legs, often suffers from pattern baldness, and doesn't seem to figure in this report. If women find they can't manage work and family, it is because they either don't have men around or the men aren't pulling their weight domestically.

The other lies with employers who still seem reluctant to accept that Britain's long working hours are not something to be proud of. I'm lucky in being able to work a "normal" eight-hour day. Occasionally I take time off for a child's physio appointment. If there's no pressing deadline, I sometimes break off mid-sentence to do my other job at home. That principle doesn't just apply to my industry. I could go into it, but it's time to cook dinner... Sorry.


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