Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Is rape worse than other violent crime? (Radio 4)

Yesterday morning I caught part of this debate from the Jaipur Literary Festival, while in the car. There were some very interesting comments made and the debate was carried out in such a way that everyone had their say with no one shouting, interrupting or insulting anyone.
Michael Sandell - BBC Radio 4's public philosopher chaired the debate/ asked questions etc.

The Public Philosopher: Is rape worse than other violent crime? and other questions.
Of course this is in the context of some of the violent sexual assaults that have recently happened in India, but applies anywhere, I think.

Among the points of view I heard, were the following - I emphasise that I have summarised these and have not yet listened to the whole programme:

Rape should not be considered as more debilitating than having your hand cut off. I am more than my vagina. I need my hands to do many more things in life.

Unfortunately at present in India rape involves shame for the entire family - this attitude needs changing.

From a man - rape of a woman or a man is degrading because it involves physical penetration of the body.

Older women and younger women

Interesting conversation between Sally Greemgross and Laurie Penny on today's Woman's Hour.
Also this publication .

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

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